Named one of “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” every year since 2005, Dr Subhas Gupta is an internationally renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Loma Linda, California. With over 80 publications which have been cited over 900 times, he is widely recognized for his contributions to research in cosmetic surgery, minimally invasive aesthetic techniques, laser surgery, scar control, informatics, outcomes assessment, and wound healing. In addition, he has pioneered procedures in plastic surgery, complex reconstruction, skin substitutes, wound healing, and microsurgery. Above all that, however, is the focus, care, and education he gives to each individual patient. His scientific contributions to the medical field along with his individual care of patients have made him one of the most trusted surgeons.

Dr Subhas Gupta’s patients consistently praise him for the amount of time he spends with them, his ability and willingness to answer their questions, and his ability to educate them on even the most complex procedures. With his expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, he has made life changing improvements for many patients by reducing and removing scars, rebuilding faces ravaged by cancer, and even going so far as diagnosing underlying medical complications. Not only is he a patient favorite, but his highly trained staff are noted for their kindness, professionalism, and ease to work with.

As Chairman of his clinical department at Loma Linda University, Dr Subhas Gupta sets the direction of his faculty surgeons, and as Immediate Past Chief of Surgical Services he manages medical staff members, and facilitates the growth and development of the hospital’s various surgical services, focusing on improving health care for patients and making it safer. As Professor of Surgery and Director of Clinic Research and Comprehensive Wound Service he trains future surgeons, many of whom become leading aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons in their own right. His clinical expertise in aesthetic surgery focuses on facial rejuvenation and body contouring, using technology-enhanced surgical techniques, such as endoscopy, laser, and ultrasound. With over a decade of post-doctorate education and 15 years of practice in Southern California, his practice extends widely into microsurgery, hand reconstruction, complex soft tissue infections and defects, and breast reconstruction.

Though Dr Subhas Gupta’s responsibilities extend far past patients, his primary focus remains patient care and education. Despite his international prestige, Dr Gupta remains humble and affable, always making time for his patients and treating them compassionately. He is known for listening to his patients and taking their concerns into account. Designing unique surgical plans for each person under his care and explaining every step of the procedures helps his patients to always know what to expect. Though an expert with decades of experience, it is his patients who ultimately make the decisions about what procedures to have and how to have them.

Dr Gupta’s dedication to helping less fortunate patients around the world is exemplified through Operation Good Samaritan, which runs through Loma Linda University’s Department of Plastic Surgery. Operation Good Samaritan is dedicated to performing reconstructive surgeries in the developing world, where he and his colleagues focus on the reconstruction of disfiguring birth defects and injuries, such as cleft lip and palate and burn contractures. Along with the international efforts, Dr Gupta and the Department of Plastic Surgery run The Pink Runway, which focuses on funding educational events and providing information for woman who have breast cancer and are interested in breast reconstruction.

Subhas Gupta, MD, CM, PhD, FRCSC, FACS

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